Terms & Conditions

01. Property Ownership

01.1 All equipment and hire items are the property of Red Bank Props and remain so at all times throughout your hire.

01.2 By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you are solely responsible for the hire items at all times throughout your hire, from acceptance or pick up of the items until you return the items or they are accepted back by us.


02. Payment Terms

02.1 Payment must be made in full prior to the date of hire, unless alternate payment options have been agreed in writing upon booking. You will receive a receipt as confirmation of your payment upon acceptance. All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT as Red Bank Props is not VAT registered.


03. Standard Hire Period

03.1 Unless specifically arranged at the time of booking, all standard hires are based on a total of seven days, inclusive of collection and return.

Please note that our standard delivery and collection hours are between 10:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday. Dates/times excluding these can be arranged with reasonable prior notice.


04. Extended Hire

04.1 Extended hire will be charged at a descending percentage scale of the hire value for each additional week in addition to the initial week and can be arranged upon booking. The second week is charged at 75%, the third at 50%, the fourth at 25%, the fifth at 10%, the sixth at 10% and eight further weeks at 10% per week.


05. Failure to Pay for or Return Items

05.1 If any items are not returned in the agreed time and an extension has not been agreed, you will be charged 50% of the initial week’s hire value for each additional day the items are away from us. If items are not returned in the agreed time and this impacts another booking, you will be liable for the full value of the second booking, including any delivery charges applicable. If items fail to be returned after an extended period of time (deemed so at our discretion), you will be liable for the full replacement value and we will exercise our right to pursue you legally for this cost.

05.2 If an agreement has been made to accept late payment, but a final payment deadline has passed, or if failure to pay a damage invoice has taken place, we will pass the debt on to a third party debt collection agency who add their own fees. We will then no longer hold responsibility for the collection of the debt or the fees that may be applied and you will need to liaise with the agency and pay them directly to settle the debt.


06. Hire Item Condition

06.1 By signing the delivery note, you are agreeing that the items are in good condition and are as advertised. No complaint on the condition or quality of the items will be valid at a later stage if concerns have not been raised, or if inspection has not occurred before signing this statement. You may not request a reduction/refund on payment based on quality or condition of our items if this statement has been signed.

06.2 Breakages, missing parts & damages to items will be charged according to the full replacement value.

06.3 If an item you have booked is damaged or lost prior to your hire taking place you will be informed and every effort will be made to replace the item like for like. If this is not possible or if this is unsatisfactory, you will be entitled to a refund for that item only. No further compensation will be due.

06.4 Unless agreed by us in advance, all props are for indoor use only; any items used outside are done so entirely at the hirer’s risk.

06.5 Electrical items should be tested for functionality by the hirer prior to event usage. PAT testing is also the responsibility of the hirer.


07. Delivery & Collection

Please note that our standard delivery and collection hours are between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. Weekend transport may incur additional cost.

07.1 If delivery and collection has been requested, hired items must be available for collection at the delivery address, unless otherwise agreed. Items must be collated and must not be left in an unsecured or unattended location. Our driver/s may be subcontracted and not employed directly by Red Bank Props.

Our driver/s should not be asked or expected to transfer items across venues, up and down stairs, etc. They will unload the items within 10 metres of the delivery vehicle, but manoeuvring props beyond this is your responsibility. Please ensure someone is available to help with unloading the vehicle and manoeuvring the props.

Any extra expenses incurred where subsequent journeys and/or extra vehicles are made necessary, will be charged accordingly. Additional time spent beyond what is reasonable to collect items will also be charged accordingly. The items are your responsibility until they have been signed over to us. If no-one is present to sign over the items when they are collected, our decision is final as to the condition and availability of the items.

07.2 It is your responsibility to ensure all the items you have hired are returned to us by making sure all items are loaded by our driver. If items are left behind, it is your responsibility to return them to us as soon as possible, incurring any costs associated; including extended hire costs, if applicable.

07.3 It is your responsibility to ensure there is legal parking available to carry out the delivery and collection. We will not be held responsible for any costs incurred out of the necessity to park or if we are unable to deliver the items due to a lack of legal parking.

07.4 On return or collection of the items, we will not accept any goods other than those hired by you and specified on the order. We will notify you of any goods collected in error, which do not belong to us. Should they not be collected or a return arranged within 14 days, we reserve the right to dispose of them. Should you wish to have these items returned to you then it will be at your expense. It is your responsibility to organise and collate the items for collection or return.

07.5 Any person signing a delivery/collection note on behalf of the hirer is deemed to be authorised to do so. Please make us aware if you will not be there to sign for your hire.

07.6 If you have arranged to collect the props yourself, we will assume you have measured available space in your vehicle and taken into account the need for securing the items, alongside bringing protective material to avoid any damage in transportation. We will not supply this and if appropriate preparations have not been made and/or we feel the risk of damage to our props is too high to release them, we reserve the right to refuse you to transport the items in this way, with no recompense due to you.

07.7 A guide time for delivery and collection can be sometimes given upon booking, if requested. However, please note that this is subject to change in order to fit in other obligations.

07.8 If you have chosen to return items yourself, you must ensure the items are dropped off ONLY to Red Bank Props, Chase Street, Manchester M. They must be accepted back into our possession by a member of our staff. You must not leave the items unattended outside our unit, or with neighbouring units unless we have agreed this in writing.


08. Cancellation Fees

08.1 See Terms & Conditions Standard Hire Period for hire period definition. 
Please note that the 20% deposit is non-refundable in all scenarios:

More than 21 days before day one of your hire: 80% of full hire value refunded.
Between 21 and 14 days before day one of your hire: 50% of full hire value refunded.
Between 13 and 7 days before day one of your hire: 25% of full hire value refunded.
Less than 7 days before day one of your hire: No refund available.


09. Payment & Pricing

09.1 Payment is deemed an instruction of your booking. An alternative to payment is a signed Purchase Order. Items may be added, subject to availability and our own discretion. Items can also be swapped, up until 14 days before your event start date, but the value must not go below the agreed total hire value. If you wish to remove items but do not wish to take other items in exchange, no refunds or part refunds will be applicable. You will be billed for any additional hire value.


10. Risk Assessments & Safety

10.1 We carry out risk assessments for all our items to ensure items are handled and used correctly. Electrical items are not PAT tested by ourselves and we recommend the hirer commission a qualified electrician to check any electricals prior to use.

All items are checked before and after hire and undergo regular maintenance. Due to the nature and age of some of the hire items, they may not meet current EC regulations. We do everything we can to ensure the safety and safe handling of the items. 

10.2 We are not responsible for any injury or damage to animals, property, persons or objects arising from the use of any equipment under hire. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or additional costs that may arise as a result of the use of our hire items.


11. Colours of Items

11.1 All efforts have been made to represent our items accurately in our photographs, however sometimes there may be slight discrepancies with colour due to different monitors showing different saturation and photographs being taken in different lighting and we cannot be held accountable for this. Every care is taken to provide the items as you expect them.


12. Disclosure

12.1 Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice or other document or information issued by us shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of us.